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Treetures Join the TreeCircus

Image of Treetures Join the TreeCircus


“Treetures Join the TreeCircus” brings together, Environmental Entertainer, Tim Womick and the, creator of the Treetures, Judith Hope Blau....And a surprise visit to this fun book from Dr. A. James Downer, Ph.D., arborist, research scientist and lecturer.

Tim Womick, world-class tree climbing competitor, Chad Brey and tree advocate, Grayson Keating have found an exciting way to teach you how important trees are to our lives, our health and the health of our planet. Tim, Chad, Grayson and the magical Treetures, Professors, Arbor E. Tum and Vinca Vinestein travel together visiting events and schools, country-wide, in support of the need for continued tree research.

Some of the whimsical Treetures make guest appearances on the pages to follow. Since Treetures are tiny, “Tree Keepers”, learning the names and jobs of all the Treetures helps you understand what trees give us and what trees need in order to function. In this book, Treetures show off their secret leaf tails. Judith Blau hopes that everyone on Earth earns their “Green Heart,” by understanding the “true” magic of trees and remembering to protect our forests.

The Britton Fund has sponsored this playful coloring/comic book with it’s serious message, all based on the energetic interactive TreeCircus show!

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